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Our Story

Welcome to WANDD, a fresh newcomer to the world of wallpaper and surface design!


WANDD is all about the experience of our designs. We believe that the walls of a room provide the perfect opportunity to express expression and individuality. We strive to offer unique wallcoverings and wallpapers that not only reflect the designer's personality, but also create an enchanting experience for everyone who looks at them.

All about our story

We are passionate about the art of design and want to share this enthusiasm through our products. We are privileged to work with Robin Sprong a multi-award winning design studio in South Africa. With his extensive expertise and passion for design, we are confident that we can offer a unique and remarkable collection created by talented designers who each have their own individual character and style. The result is a wide range of beautiful designs that are unique and exude a sense of authenticity and personality.


We believe that a room not only has walls, but that it gets its own identity through the wall coverings that have been chosen. Whether it concerns an inspiring office, a cozy living room or an adventurous children's room.

Our designs make the space come to life and tell a story. By focusing on creating a special experience for our customers, we want to leave a lasting impression and inspire.


In addition, we strive for sustainability by using high-quality materials and minimizing our ecological footprint.

We invite you to explore our new website and be inspired by the sophisticated designs we have to offer. Whether it's a living room, bedroom, office or shop. WANDD has the wallpaper and surface designs to bring your unique style to life.

Welcome to WANDD

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