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Wallpaper instructions

We are happy to help you get the wallpaper on the wall in the right way. Therefore, read our instructions carefully. 

Measure |Prepare the wall |The wallpapering process |Installation

Your wall must be well prepared for the new wallpaper. If your wall is properly prepared, the wallpaper will be applied properly, the adhesive will be much more effective and there will be no imperfections or stains to spoil the effect. Properly preparing your wall will also make it easier to remove the wallpaper if you want to change it in the future. Follow the guidelines below to make sure your wall is ready for its new wallpaper:


  • Remove any wallpaper that is currently on the wall.

  • Remove any hooks, nails or protruding services.

  • Remove dirt, dust or residue on your wall with warm water and detergent.

  • Paint your feature wall with new white emulsion paint (optional).

  • Repair any peeling paint or nail holes in the wall.

  • Make sure your wall is prepared with breathable paint, as the wet glue needs to dry through the wall.

  • A universal primer is more than sufficient.

  • All walls and/or wood surfaces should be PREPARED, PRIMED and PAINTED with an oil based universal primer and 2 coats of 100% fully washable paint (e.g. Velvaglo).

U kunt ook gebruikmaken van het Europees modelformulier voor herroeping om aan ons kenbaar te maken dat u van de aankoop afziet. Gebruik van dit formulier is echter niet verplicht

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