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Jimmy Law

Jimmy Law was born in September 1970 in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State, South Africa. As one of four children, he always had an interest in drawing and making things. After school, Jimmy enrolled to study graphic design at the Technikon of the Orange Free State and upon completion of his studies was enlisted for national service in the South African National Defense Force.


As a young man, Jimmy tried his hand at a variety of ventures ranging from design and printing in the apparel industry to making surfboards and custom airbrushing cars and motorcycles. All of these ventures were strongly driven by an art and design element. Jimmy worked as a freelance illustrator for companies in Cape Town for several years before finally deciding to leave the corporate world and focus more intensively on a career as an artist.


In December 2010, Jimmy started working full-time as a professional artist and painter. As an autodidact, he has developed his own painting style. Jimmy has a reputation as one of South Africa's leading contemporary portrait painters. His expressive, bold and captivating large format paintings are now part of art collections around the world and are available as wallpaper in our collection.

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